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How many Double-Ns came with your Monopoly set?

I can't believe it's taken me this long to think of this, but I've started wondering what Land of the Dead Monopoly might look like: the pieces, the properties, the Chance and Community Chest cards. Some stuff is easy. Boardwalk and Park Place have to be Calavera Café and The High Rollers Lounge. For the railroads: Nada Mañana Cruise Line, Land of the Living Shuttles, Number Nine Railroad, and...not sure. The only other kind of mass transit referenced in the game is busses, and that only on Manny's monitor in the opening cutscene; it wasn't ever given a name. Maybe something like Hellhound Bus Lines would do. I'm not sure. I suppose Jail could be Waiting Area Two.

Pity I've got the graphic arts skills of a concussed supermodel, though.
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