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(OOC: I'm going on vacation to Wisconsin with my family starting tomorrow, and I will need someone to take over Pahro Utonula and Andirrul until the 11th. Thanks for your help, and I'll try and post as much as I can today! )

Force! I knew this one, my intended bait, would not give up so easily! Either I shall have to give up the prize that my Mistress is after, and which she needs in order to conquer the Jedi completely, or...I have something else stowed away in my pack... She carefully removed a diamond-encased device that appeared remarkably similar to the holocron, so much so that it could serve as a decoy, but Pahro knew that decoys would not fool this Jedi, no matter how cleverly-crafted they were. That was why this device was a different that would start ticking off time in a matter of seconds.

"Here," said Pahro, handing over the holocron-decoy. "This should be what you're looking for." Little did the Jedi know that Pahro had activated the device by trying to crush it, and in so doing, activated its defenses. It was a grenade, the tiniest grenade ever known to the galaxy, and it contained a radioactive core. Once it exploded, the one who cradled it would die, and all others in the immediate vicinity would suffer acute radiation sickness for weeks, if not months. After the decoy was safely in the Jedi's palm, Pahro fled, aided by the Force. She ran as if a herd of malraas lionesses were pursuing her, and as if ten Jedi Masters had taken up the chase as well.

Fleeing was the coward's way. Nevertheless, it brought Pahro the time she needed to scramble back into her courier's vessel and engage the ignition.

Through the Force she aimed to rule, she heard an explosion. Hurrah!

The real holocron was hers, and soon it would become Andirrul's. This would surely put her, the Dark Lady of the Sith, forever in the spy's debt...!

And she'd pay. Just as the Jedi had, she would pay for dismissing Pahro.


"Relax. There is no poison in this drink, and you are not in Force restraints."

Andirrul herself, acting the part of a sluzhanka, a serving maid, brought a glass of Nar Shaddaa's finest sparkling darkberry wine to her prisoner.

The Jedi Padawan scowled at her. "I'll never join you evil Sith. Never!"

"Did you hear that?" She turned to Tyrannus. "That's what they all say, isn't it?" She watched as the young man, thirsty as he was, took a sip. "There is no shame in drinking when you need a drink. We do not intend to kill you."

"Then how is it you intend to break me? Torture? Mind control? Combat?"

"Such techniques are crude," replied Andirrul, "and they behoove none of us. What good is a soldier primed for immediate betrayal of their superiors in this fashion? We seek those who are strong, but we also seek those who still retain their sense of logic. How did the Jedi treat you, young Padawan?"

"Very, very well. Unlike you hatemongers." Andirrul knew that he was lying.

She also knew an ancient commoner's saying: In vino veritas...

Suddenly, she heard the metal door to the main hold of the ship hiss open. "Mistress Andirrul," Pahro cried, prostrating herself. "I have a gift for you."
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