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"A gift?" asked Andirrul. "Show me, spy." Pahro stood up, opened her rugged and tear-proof archaeologist's backpack, and produced the glowing holocron.

For a moment, the Dark Lady of the Sith was startled beyond belief. "Where did you get this?" When Pahro revealed that she had acquired it within some ruins on Jatalra, her Mistress replied, "Very...very good. You have pleased me this time, and I can only hope that you continue to please me further." She slipped a note for a half-million credits into the other woman's meaty, greedy palm. "Take your money, beskar digger," she said, "and leave me. I shall have you know that this holocron is millennia old--perhaps dating back to the days of the Old Republic--Revan's time, and afterward! I must spend some time alone."

"Excuse me?" Pahro was incredibly angry, feeling slighted and ashamed in front of the Jedi Padawan and Tyrannus as well as Andirrul. "I also killed a Jedi, or at least sickened her and her weakling friends with radiation! It took a grenade that looked exactly like that holocron to distract them and allow me to make my getaway. I want more than credits, Dark Lady. I want a promotion as well--to be made second-in-command to you, your lieutenant!"

Andirrul winked. "We'll see what Wrath thinks of your little proposal."

Pahro's bowels turned to water. Would she be able to defeat him in combat?

She thought not. "I...withdraw it, Mistress. I shall duly accept my pay."

The spy exited, and Andirrul returned her attentions to the Padawan. She sat with him, drinking the darkberry spirits herself, and learned that he had only just progressed beyond the rank of Youngling, despite his age! What had made him so slow to adapt to the Jedi ways? Combat was his weakness.

"I can remedy that," Andirrul sneered. "What is your name, young Jedi?"

"Lukas Wraight," he replied, his last name sounding like rate. "I am strong in the Force, and yet so weak...Why haven't you killed me already?"

"We do weed out the weak and feeble," Andirrul said, "but you are not weak. You are only untrained, and in time, you will become as powerful as any."

"Will you help me prove to my Masters that I'm fit to become a Knight?"

Andirrul laughed. "They'll never take you back if they find out you're with me."

Lukas sighed. "I know. Then--will you help me get my revenge upon them?"

"That I can do," said Andirrul, "for I have been yearning for it myself..."
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