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Captain Juno Aiko entered the lobby. She looked over at Sergeant Yamamoto and walked over to him.

"Sergeant Yamamoto. It's been a long time since we saw each other last. Akira should be joining us in a moment. But I'd like you to see this", Juno said and showed him the video of what happened from the moment he took down the enemy drones and attacked the hostages, to the moment that he attacked the medical attendants. "Any thoughts on why this might have happened?"


Illya looked at Shana and Shana in turn looked at Illya. They were both surprised by Kai's request. Illya gave Kai a pensive look. Shana was thinking about earlier.

Do I want to understand?...., she thought to herself and clenched her fists while looking down.


"Want to understand!", Shana said and Illya jumped on her seat, suprised at Shana's sudden reaction. "I want to understand you. You're right, I don't understand what you're going through and I'm sorry to have assumed that I did... but... but..."

Illya then grinned and sighed.

"I guess you have your answer Kai. Shana will help you. In case it is too much for you two, then I will be on standby to replace her", Illya said. Shana turned to her.

"One-chan, are you sure?", Shana said a bit surprised that Illya agreed.

"Yes, Juno and I went through something similar to this and I lended a hand back then. I would be a hypocrite if I stopped you now in order to help a friend", Illya said.

"I'll do my best then", Shana said giving Kai a warm smile.


Isara walked inside the room of the hospital wing. She saw Wolf there and fully recovered. She had his revolver in hand.

"I believe this belongs to you", Isara said handing him over his revolver and device. "We had been waiting for you, I'm sorry that you and your crew went through what you did at Sigmunde. We're glad that you're alive though".

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