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Sergeant Yamamoto stood as a familiar face walked into the room.

"Sergeant Yamamoto. It's been a long time since we saw each other last. Akira should be joining us in a moment. But I'd like you to see this."

He saluted, "It has indeed been awhile, Captain. I hope I can help with whatever you have to show me..."

The Sergeant watch the video carefully, deep in thought the entire time, thinking on what could've driven one of the more promising soldiers in his former platoon to do this...

"Any thoughts on why this might have happened?"

He scratched the stubble on his chin, thinking on it.

"Hmmm...I haven't seen this behaviour in awhile. This is often an affect from either corruption, mental instability, or a traumatic experience. are familiar with the Drakomir Incident a few years ago? Several cadets killed by corrupted mages?"

He clenched and reclenched his fist as he thought back on it. There was some information that had been entrusted only to several High-ranking officers, and himself. It was no longer on top secret clearance and it wasn't illegal to know what had really happened, but none of this was actually known to the public. But he knew that this had to do with what had happened to Akira.

Poor lad...I had hoped we'd seen the last of this...

you very much
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