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"I guess you have your answer Kai. Shana will help you. In case it is too much for you two, then I will be on standby to replace her"

Kai couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief. Shana and the two captains had begun to give him hope. Maybe he actually would beat the mage.

"...Thank you for giving me assistance in this matter."

"I'll do my best then"

"I need to instruct the medical officer on how to perform the spell. It is far beyond my level at the moment but I do remember how it is performed. Both of us will need to be in a state of sleep...or similiar conditions for this to work. Please be ready within the next few hours."

Kai was about to leave when he turned back and stare Shana directly in the eyes.

"I feel I should warn you. My mind is not a plesant place to be at the best of time. The imprint the mage left is...alive in a way. It will adapt quickly to whatever strategies you use. It will attempt to break your will by showing you images of you...your family...your loved ones dying. It will try to trick you into destroying yourself. It will play tricks on your mind while we are linked together. It holds great power in my mind and it knows spells that have killed me with only a glancing blow. Be wary."

"Some of the risks that involve a procedure like this is that I am not sure that if you are killed when we are linked if you will die in the real world. I never found out that part of the spell. Another side effect is that we may hear each others...thoughts at random intervals."

Kai looked at Captain Terranova.

"Captain Terranova. I feel I should inform you that if you change forms while the spell is performed...Shana's and I's body will change in the physical world as well for some reason. I never figured out why."

"If I change must restrain me...or if necessary kill me. Do not be afraid to use any necessary force. If I change into my Berserker form you must stop me at all costs. My...mind for a better word will not be present in the body. My body will be in attack mode and it will go after anyone it sees."

Kai nodded to the two and started the walk toward the Infirmary.

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