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Smith smiled at Vlad. "Yeah, but it's one of those things... after what I've just seen today, compounded with..." He let his voice trail off, he'd brought up Chicago enough for one day and it appeared that Atrianna still felt the effects -god knows he did.

He snapped his fingers and his hand dived into his vest yet again and drew out a package of sedatives. Breaking one in half with a practiced ease he swallowed it and made his way up to the main floor and found a chair that looked relatively comfortable. After taking off his boots -he wasn't totally uncaring about Atrianna's house- he curled up in the chair and let his eyes flutter closed until he was able to escape from both conscious thought and dreams -an ideal combination for the moment.

The last things he heard was Shayla packing a box full of grenades and Atrianna on the phone...

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