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Vlad nodded to Smith, seeing him get out a package of sedatives.

Hopefully nothing happens in the next 10 minutes, it'll be hard to get everyone on the move....but I doubt we have anything to worry about, yet.

He popped out his small cell phone and began dialing a number. If he was going to investigate the infection, he'd need some old friends.

Yuri Alexandrovich lugged slowly up the snow-covered hill in Northern Siberia. He had several pieces of wood over his shoulder, a thick overcoat with it's collar pulled up, and a rabbit-skin felt cap, the sides pulled down over his ears.

The burly Russian could see his breathe in the freezing air, and he was glad that he was layered. Russia's snows definately made you thankful for what you had.

He could see his home, only about 10 yards away, snow piling up against its sides. It was on a large hill, overlooking the small village in the valley below.

He made it to the wooden porch and stamped his feet hard against the strong wood, getting the snow off. He then set the wood down next to the door and walked inside the warm and welcoming inside of the cabin. Yuri took off the thick coat and hung it up, right in time to hear his cellular phone ringing.

Yuri stuck a hand in his pocket and pressed the IPhone's screen. He really enjoyed the American's tech, even if it was sometimes hard to get in this part of the Motherland.

"Da...this is Yuri Alexandrovich speaking.." He said in Russian.

A familiar voice replied back in the same language.

"Comrade, how are you doing in your retirement? Siberia get on your nerves yet?"

"Vladimir! This is quite the surprise! And I am doing well as a civilian, sleep in and eat food....Siberia is cold at times, but I find the people quite warm, kind've makes me think of Moscow. Anyway, what is new with you? Last I heard they had you cooped up in a desk in the Kremlin!"

Vlad chuckled on the other line, "Yes, that is what happened, sadly. You see what rank does to you...anyway...I need a favor."

"What? Anything for you, comrade, God knows that I owe you quite a bit!"

"Can you assemble a squad of some of the guys from the Chicago unit? We may have a recent....problem."

That made Yuri very quiet, and he didn't respond for a minute.

"You can't mean..."

"Yes...there may be some remnant of them returning...and they're not all that much better then the last."

Yuri had already broken out the codebook and began looking through the Codes for the lads from the SF.

"I'll see what I can do, Vlad, this won't take long. Good luck. We'll be ready. Talk to you later."


Vlad hung up, and Yuri slumped down in a nearby chair, grabbing a shot glass of Vodka and dowing it quickly.

I can't believe they're back....

He looked back at the codebook.

Then I have no time to lose... He began searching again.

Vlad stuck the phone back in his pocket and walked over to Attriana.

"I contacted some old friends...we'll have some support soon."

He looked at her again, "Are you okay, Attriana? Anything I can do to help?"

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