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"Are you okay, Attriana? Anything I can do to help?"

Atrianna motioned for Vlad to shut up while she argued with the army official on the phone. "All right...All right...Yes I understand that their are other problems in the world! But if we don't take care of this problem there might be a world left to argue about!"

The voice on the other end of the phone stopped for a second in thought. "We can't send a full military compliment of solders with you. I'm not sure the russians would take kindly to seeing our tanks roll across the snow. We will send...four of our best solders with you. The very best in our army. I only hope that will be enough."

Atrianna nodded. "Arigato."

"Pick them up at the Airport within two hours time. I can't believe that I'm entrusting my best men to a mercenary."

Atrianna's voice went cold. "You don't really have a choice do you? We're the only hope you people have because we're unofficial. Tell your people that they are under my direct command. Good day sir."

Atrianna slammed the phone down and turned to Vlad. "I'm fine. If you want to make yourself useful go and get some of those troops you used in Chicago to come back and help us."

Atrianna picked up a box of grenades and walked up the stairs out of the basement and into the garage where the other boxs of weaponry were waiting.

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