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I should go.
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"I'm fine. If you want to make yourself useful go and get some of those troops you used in Chicago to come back and help us."

Vlad raised an eyebrow, she was obviously taking the news of the virus alot harder then she was letting on. Vlad would leave it at that.

"Well, then here's some good news. I contacted Yuri, you remember him? Well, he's a civilian now, but still has remarkably good people who are still connected to much of the old unit, and more. He'll probably give me a reply soon regarding the men. Yuri always does his best, so we can practically garauntee he'll get a sizeable force ready."

He looked around the weapon-filled basement and garage.

"I've been here quite a few times, but I had no idea you kept this much weaponry down could you even get it into Kyoto...I mean..legally?"

He knew that Japan's rules on weaponry could be quite tight sometimes...but that was the least important thing at the moment.

Another question came to mind.

"Also, Attriana, we'll probably be working with Sam Larson again. You made your peace with him yet? Or am I going to have to warn him to be careful of the zombies and you?"

you very much
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