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"Well, then here's some good news. I contacted Yuri, you remember him? Well, he's a civilian now, but still has remarkably good people who are still connected to much of the old unit, and more. He'll probably give me a reply soon regarding the men. Yuri always does his best, so we can practically garauntee he'll get a sizeable force ready."

"Good. I'm going to be heading in first with the group of solders I've been given. I already have a plan and I'll tell you about it later."

"I've been here quite a few times, but I had no idea you kept this much weaponry down could you even get it into Kyoto...I mean..legally?"

Atrianna finished loading a crate of heavy weaponry and the ammunition that went along with it into the back of the hummer.

"I'm one of the heros who managed to keep the zombie's from attacking Japan. I'm allowed a few necessities once in a while."

"Also, Attriana, we'll probably be working with Sam Larson again. You made your peace with him yet? Or am I going to have to warn him to be careful of the zombies and you?"

Atrianna finally turned to Vlad and gave him a predatory look that resembled a cat stalking a mouse. "Tell him that if I see him...He gets a five second head start before I start blasting. No more mercy...No more compassion. Next time, all gloves are off."

Atrianna finally finished loading the last of the weaponry into the back of the hummer. "I'm supposed to go and pick up some Kyoto military personel who are going to assist me in a recon of the area."

Atrianna raised her hand.

"And before you say anything, Vlad you can't come along on this one. The general was very strict on that. He doesn't want any possibility of the main goverment of russian alerted to the fact that we're dropping a Hummer with four Japanese military personel and a hyped up Mercenary into russian territory. Sorry Vlad, but that's how these things work sometime. He said that after the recon is done your solders will be free to move in."

Atrianna slammed the back door of the hummer down and walked back into the house.
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