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I should go.
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Vlad raised his hands in submission.

"Fine I won't come along. I'll just stay here and raid the know, if I weren't so awesome, I'd think the Japanese Armed Forces don't like me."

He chuckled afterward, just trying to show that he meant it as a joke. Hopefully, it would lighten the situation...everyone, not just Attriana, were a mite darker ever since the news.

"Just keep me informed of the plan, I don't want you trying anything too drastic in the Motherland. We're not always so forgiving."

He left the room and went over to the living room couch, sitting down and sighing, he needed to think on what was going to happen.

Maybe we're lucky...we could've caught the virus in an early stage..or..maybe Smith killed it with the destruction of the KGB test facility....but we need to be sure.

He shook his head and leaned back on the couch, hearing it crack a little as he did so. There was probably a reason the Japanese choose the ground over western furniture.

you very much
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