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"Fine I won't come along. I'll just stay here and raid the know, if I weren't so awesome, I'd think the Japanese Armed Forces don't like me."

"Vlad...a group of your men unloaded automatic weaponry in one of their streets two years ago at what appeared to be Russian officers. I think they have a right to be slightly suspicious."

"Just keep me informed of the plan, I don't want you trying anything too drastic in the Motherland. We're not always so forgiving."

"No promises."

Atrianna started up the vehicle and backed out of the driveway and then turned toward the airport where her squad was going to be disembarking soon.

Shayla watched her mom leave through the window. She hadn't even told her where she was going.


Atrianna pulled up to the airport and eyed the four military personel that were waiting on the edge of the street. They were all women who stared at the Hummer as it pulled up.

Atrianna pulled open the door and stood in front of them. All four of them saluted her.

"Greetings. My name is Atrianna and I will be your commanding officer on this mission. Although I am no longer an official member of any military I am one of the few so called experts that we have on this threat. I'm not going to lie to you, this threat is unlike anything you have faced before and you will not likely face anything like it again. This...enemy is powerful and nearly brought the United states to it's knees two years ago and it has now returned."

The women all stared straight ahead.

"I want your names, rank and what skills that you feel you are most qualified at."

"Private Setera. I'm an extremley talented Sniper Ma'm. I can pick a fly off a wall at thirty meters ma'm.

"First Lieutenant Baroka. I'm an expert scout Ma'm. I have seen combat over thrity times in the last five years Ma'm.

"First Lieutenant Majoka. Demolitions expert. I always travel with a small compliment of explosives in my travel pack."

"First Lieutenant Tarja. Weapons expert. I lost my two cousins at the hands of this threat two years ago."

"Did they happen to be named Lee and Leen?"

"...Yes Ma'm. If I may ask, how did you know Ma'm?"

Atrianna smiled briefly. "The two of them used to look after my daughter when I went out on jobs. They would check in on her from time to time. I'm sorry for your loss. I promise will be able to get even for losing them...they were good friends of mine."

Tarja nodded and her knuckles began to flex.

"Lets go ladies. We'll have more time to get aquanted after we get to Siberia."

The women nodded and piled into the vehicle. Atrianna smirked. This could end up being fun.
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