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After being unconcious for some time he slowly awakened. For a moment everything was blurry but it cleared up fairly quick.

"W-what...happened." he asked himself.

He tried to stand up but feel back to the floor with a loud grunt. His leg was dislocated. He pulled off is belt as fast as he could, bit down on it, and popped his leg back into place and he grunted loudly though it was muffled by the belt.

He forced himself to stand up; swaying from side to side he limped over to his sword that was stabbed into the ground. The bite wound had stopped bleeding. He picked up, his sheath which he had also dropped when he encountered Zalden. He adjusted the sheath on his back that was most comfortable for him and didn't irritate the wound.

He walked down the road and entered a subdivision of homes hoping that someone would see that he was injured and offered some kind of assistance.
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