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"Certain words can reveal intention as much as they distract," Tonatius replied, "But there are others who are far worse at the double talk and play on words. Lengends speak of the ancient monks who sought out areas with high concentrations of Force energy and swore to guard them. The stories say that they could see thousands of years ahead to those who were to visit those places. Some were places like Hoth, Dagobah, Nar Shadaa, all sorts of places. They keep them safe until the one that is supposed to be there comes."

"But that could take years!" Andros replied as he came out of the brush followed by his master.

"Indeed but our people are long lived. Literally. True we can die of disease and warfare and even a broken heart but I suspect it is something unique among our people," Jun-la explained. "Now I suggest we keep up with our host."

Tonatius followed shoulder to shoulder with Kalla. He whispered, "I don't know about you, but I can't sense anything from Jun-la. No hint of the Force, nothing."


Tyrannus watched as Andirrul messed with the Jedi Padawan. He wore a semi bored expression as he watched. He had already passed the word onto the Rashikians and hordesmen to make their way to the planet with the specific goal of capturing one of the Kaltas children. Karaka will certainly have a good time with that.

Tired of lounging he stretched and said, "So you've converted a Jedi whelp. Broken him, no. As he is, even under your guidance, he won't be fit to stand up against Kaltas and Kath hounds."

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