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Two force users, a Jedi and a Sith, battled in a deserted alley on Nar Shadda. Red and blue sabers clashed as each exhausted a number of techniques and tricks to try and gain the upper hand, though it was abundantly clear that each was still just a learner. As opposed to normality, the Jedi showed too much aggression in his technique and the Sith showed too much caution in hers. The Jedi was the one who actually started the fight and the Sith had simply been defending herself in reality, which all might’ve struck Urzvox Mech as a bit odd if the large, ancient Krogan actually gave a damn. He had simply allowed the battle to rage on to this point, satisfied to sit back at a distance and watch. However both of the combatants were showing signs of tiring and waiting any longer might mean watching one of them die. That would not fly well, considering that his bounty required them both alive.

Mech nodded to Ulim and the ten foot tall Sanheili fired off a round from his sniper rifle. The round missed them but the noise it created could’ve easily been mistaken for a cannon going off and was enough to catch the two duelers off guard. The Jedi looked in their direction and before the Sith could move to cut him down, Terror pounced from above and had her pinned to the ground in seconds. A precision strike from Terror’s tail took her lightsaber out of the picture and the Jedi actually let down his guard for a moment. He must’ve assumed that they were there to help him, though all pretense of that faded when the next sniper round took out his lightsaber hand and left on the ground screaming in pain. The Sith only struggled for a moment before Terror smashed his head against hers and knocked her out cold. When Mech and Ulim walked up to the Jedi, he gave them a look of hatred.

“You will let me go.” The Jedi said with a waved of his other hand. In response Mech handed that hand and literally bit it off, now leaving the Jedi screaming with two bloody stumps.

Mech spit out the hand in disgust. “Humans always do taste aweful.”

“We will need to bandage those stumps if we do not want the Jedi to bleed out.” Ulim stated, though like Mech he really didn’t care for the Jedi or Sith.

The man looked at them incredulously and shouted “What?! I’m not a Jedi, I’m a Sith you moron! The girl’s a Jedi! Take her!”

The response to this was a rifle butt to the face that knocked him out and gave the three freelancers a moment of peace. Well, two of them. Terror just looked at the two force users with a hungry, drooling look as Ulim and Mech bandaged the stumps of the now confirmed Sith and tied both targets up. Once that was done, Ulim slung both on them over his shoulders and they left the alley. They were going to their employer now: Doja the Hutt.
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