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Five hours ago, Sam had stepped into an airport, bought two coach class airplane tickets, and was heading to Kyoto. Now, he was there.
"Hmmm, it seems that not alot has changed. Listen, doctor, I'll call a taxi, you stay here, no running or jumping off, you hear?" Sam asked his companion. He took his silence as a yes and loaded his trunks, full of a few weapons, into the back of the taxi. Five minutes later, they arrived at Attrianna's house. It appeared teh Hummer was there.
"Doc, get in, talk to Vlad, get out, I've no welcome hear. If you see a women with white hair, stay on her good side. She'll blow you away sooner than you can blink, and for no probable reason." Sam explained, all the while, he was loading his P90 and his Desert Eagle. If attrianna came out, at least he wouldn't be caught off guard. "Tell her, if you see her, that you need to see Vlad, and if she won't budge, tell her Sam's out side waiting."

Deep thought #1: In the end, everyone dies. No one can outrun time, death itself is always breathing down your neck, just waiting to slip the noose over you. But, in your time of death, what matters is not when or how or even why. What matters is what you do with it. Do you sit down and call it quits, or do you get up, stare your killer and death itself in the face, and laugh copiously, right until the end.
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