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((I was talking to Jedi_man. If you read the previous installment of the series you'd know that Atrianna and Sam have...colorful history of trying to kill one another.))

Shayla watched as the car pulled up and the men walked out. She narrowed her eyes at one man in particular.

Is that Sam Larson? Didn't Mom say he was supposed to be shot on sight if he showed up around here? Meh. He did shoot mom back in Chicago so I guess it's justified.

"Uncle Vlad! We have visitors..."

Shayla pulled her own personal Tactical 12 gauge out from the gun cabinet and pulled open the door and walked out with a grim look on her face.

"I thought Mom said you weren't supposed to show your face around her house at any time. She left you alone...your supposed to show the same decency to her."

Shayla leaned on the rifle and stared directly at Larson.

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