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"Uncle Vlad! We have visitors..."

He stood from the couch and checked his sidearm, a habit he picked up over the years.


He walked calmly over to the front door, where Shayla stood, shotgun at the ready.

Vlad then saw the visitors. One was Sam Larson, who seemed to have matured a little, and another that Vlad did not recognize.

He motioned for Shayla to lower the shotgun, there'd be enough bloodshed as it is.

"Sam Larson, it's amazing how quick you can get around. How long was it..a few hours or so since your last call? Hmm, anyways, come in. How are you doing? The family?"

Vlad waved to the inside trying to relieve the situation by being friendly, which was slightly difficult to do, being int he home of someone who had a grudge against Sam.

"And...who is this with you? Is he assisting us in the current situation?"

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