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Frank just nodded his head as he listened to Sam. He had finally made it and the first thing he saw was a girl point a shotgun at Sam. He then saw a man open the door wider and let them was him. Frank looked around the room and stared at Vlad.

"And...who is this with you? Is he assisting us in the current situation?"

Frank removed the scarf around his face and let it hand on his neck.

"You really don't remember me? My name is Frank Wilson, I worked with you in creating what now haunts all of us. I was gunned down by your men after I found out what we were doing and became what you would call the first human/zombie hybrid. I was also dubbed Experiment Alpha after I was found to have the virus in me. Does that ring a bell?"

He looked over at the girl with a shotgun.

"I assure you I mean you all no harm I just want to be normal again."
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