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"You can go in if you want to. If you want something to eat help yourself."

"Thank you miss, you are very kind." Frank said to the girl being polite.

If this was the daughter of this Merc he heard so much from Sam than he wanted to get on the good side.

"I'll try not to be too long." Frank announced to both Sam and the girl.

He stepped inside and followed Vlad in.

"What is it exactly that you're infected with now?"

Frank stood there for a second. He had a theory on how his claws worked and stuck to it. He thought about the abuse he was given when experimented on. He felt some rage take him over but not enough for him to lose it. Within seconds from the forearm down to his hands turned into these claw things. The claws themselves were black with streaks of red. His forearms had spikes on them that stopped just short of the hands. He exhaled and the claws turned back into his arms again.

"How's that for starters?"
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