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(BTW the conversation between Isara and Wolf happened before the events between Kai and Shana in his dream, just FYI )

Illya nodded at Isara and Kotomi, at that very moment they casted their most powerful binding charms to restrain Kai in case he went wild. And Illya knew that if it came to it, they would release their limiters to stop him but that would be last resort as it's magic in it's most powerful form.

Shana closed her eyes and immediately Asuza linked her mind with Kai's. She could see the devastation around them. She could tell the imposing figure before Kai was the mage. Shana walked over to him.

"Queen's heart setup!", Shana said. "Stand by, ready".

She immediately transformed into her armor and staff. She could see two familiar figures on the ground. It was Illya and Juno, but she was sure it wasn't really them. She now saw what it was that this mage used to torment Kai so much, being his mind's unconcious world it was specially traumatizing for him.

She placed her hand on his shoulder as to let him know she was there for him.

"Why are you doing this to him?", Shana asked the mage, she wasn't sure if the mage would react to her. This was a test to see if she wasn't just a spectator in the nightmare.


"Akira, nice of you to join us", Juno said. "I'm sure you have a lot to talk about. I will look into a solution to this Sergeant Yamamoto. I will keep you posted if we make any progress. If you'll excuse me".

Juno walked away from them. She went on her way to the infirmary. She knew Kai's attempt to break the hold that the mage had on his mind was taking place right now.


Isara looked at Wolf.

"You've been out for about two days. Sergeant Yamamoto found you and brought you over to us. You remember being recruited by Division Nine?", Isara asked him.

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