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"Akira, nice of you to join us. I'm sure you have a lot to talk about. I will look into a solution to this, Sergeant Yamamoto. I will keep you posted if we make any progress. If you'll excuse me".

Akira and Yamamoto watched the Captain as she left the room.

Yamamoto chuckled and clapped Akira on the shoulder, "You are indeed lucky to end up under the command of Captain Aiko. I've worked with her before, a long time ago, she was one of the finest officers I've served with. You'll do well here..."

Akira smiled and did a quick bow to his former sergeant.

"It's very good to see you so soon, Sarge. Things have gotten a bit out of hand...I'm sorry."

Yamamoto sighed, "There is no need to feel sorry, from what we know, it wasn't really you, if you understand...there is still hope."

The young man nodded, "I hope so, sir. I lost control not too long ago, and tried to commit suicide...I probably shouldn't have done was ill-thought."

The Sergeant sat down again and motioned for Akira to do the same.

"Yes. You probably shouldn't have...but that was your decision, you had reasons...but still, our own lives are not for us to matter how far we have fallen."

'So, sir, do you have any idea what could've...brought about this?"

Yamamoto was silent for a moment. They'd never told Akira what had really happened at Drakomir, believing that if he did not know what happened, then perhaps he wouldn't act up again. So much for that. He still didn't know if this was the wisest time to tell him, though, having just tried a suicide attempt.

"I have a strong opinion that you may have been slightly corrupted."

He said it in a cold fashion, with no feeling, but it was the truth, he could make it no easier.

Akira nodded, "Then there may be a cure."

Yamamoto nodded, "Yes, there may indeed be a cure...but we need time to assess what really happened...and, that may take patient."

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