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"You have no idea how helpful you've been to me. The sight of you dying constantly has done more damage to his mind in two days then I was able to cause in nine years of constant torture. The sight of you dying nearly drove him insane the first time he saw it and it just got better every time...Oh..and when the captains died...that was wonderful to watch."

Shana began to wonder if her meeting him had hindered him more. But then she began to wonder if he cared about her more than just a teammate, but she shook those thoughts off.

"He's a good man, Kai is a man with a heart. Of course he'd feel badly when inocents die. Now here I am, that body is only made of illusion and deception. Sure you might be powerful, but you lack the bonds that tie us together, and it's through those bonds that we gain strength to meet whatever comes our way", Shana said and readied her staff. She looked around at the invaders and counted them. She lifted up into the air overlooking them.

"Shooting mode", her device said and transformed the top of the staff into sort of a gunblade. "Cartridge Load", her device said as it loaded two rounds of Vekta-Type ammo, a kind of magical booster considered to be the most powerful of all. Most mages in the Federation had these but not too many can control them fully.

"Eager Cleaver!", Shana yelled. "Eager Cleaver. Stand by, ready".

Dozens of orbs around her formed into spearheads charged through the air piercing and slicing through the invaders. Some of them launched attacks towards her but she dodged some and some she covered with her magic shield.

"Star Dust!", Shana said. "Ready", her device replied and at that moment a gust of sharp wind surrounded the Invaders. The dust was like diamond dust ripping away at their armor and flesh in a twister sucking them up on the air.

"Destiny...", Shana said as two more cartridges loaded and she readied her staff to shoot. Her Device blinked. "Destiny Cannon Ready", her device replied and a giant ball of energy began to build right infront of Shana. "Cannon!"

The ball of energy transformed into a huge energy beam shot in the direction of the invaders sucked into the twister causing a great blast.

Shana was doing her best, there were still many invaders left but she wanted to do her very best to help Kai. She would have to use her full drive in excellion mode if the situation demanded it.


Isara stood there waiting for him outside the dressing cubicle.

"What was it that you went looking for on Sigmunde?", Isara asked Wolf as he changed. She was curious to know what a mercenary ship was doing in such a remote place and whatever it was that attacked them.

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