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"He's a good man, Kai is a man with a heart. Of course he'd feel badly when inocents die. Now here I am, that body is only made of illusion and deception. Sure you might be powerful, but you lack the bonds that tie us together, and it's through those bonds that we gain strength to meet whatever comes our way"

"If he is such a good man...then why didn't he tell you more about his life on the colony?"

Kai looked up sharply at the mage's words. He quickly pulled his sword out of the chest of one of the invaders and pointed it at the mage.

"Don't say it. If you say it I will kill you a thousand times over!"

The mage giggled slightly at his words. "I highly doubt that. I doubt that you'll even survive this encounter with me."

The mage turned back to Shana and cocked his head on it's side. "He had no family on the friends except for a little homeless girl who would wander the streets begging for food and water. One day, our friend Kai "adopted" her and took care of her. He made sure she was fed and had shelter as they lived on the streets. He thought of her as a little sister...and she thought of him as a brother."

Kai narrowed his eyes and his body began to shake with barely contained anger as the mage continued speaking.

"I said I would kill you if you continued. Stop it. Stop it now."

The mage contined staring at Shana. "Finally...a few years after that day, I arrived and began my attack on the colony. Eventually I managed to wipe out nearly all of the Colonists who were defending the colony and began to track them down in their homes. Eventually I came across Kai and his "sister" and they began to run from me. Kai thought the girl was right behind him...but she had tripped and fallen. He finally turned around just in time to see me..."kill" her. And that was when he launched his attack against me and got himself cursed."

The mage smirked. "That is what he sees when he looks at you. He sees the face of the little "sister" that he couldn't protect."


Damn the Consequences! I don't care if they Kill me! I'll Kill him! I'll KIll Him!

Kai's eyes turned blood red and his hair shot down to his waist as his muscles expanded once again. "YOU KILLED HIZINA YOU ******! I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER!"

Kai ripped one of the invaders apart with his bare hands and then ran directly at the mage, not caring who was in his way.

Outside the mind.

Kai's body flashed once and then his hair grew longer and his Muscles began to grow. He growled as he tried to move only to find himself restrained.

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