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Shana stopped to think for a moment. He saw her as he did his little sister, she felt sad but kind of disappointed somehow. She looked at the mage.

"I see. You deserve the fate that will come to you. There is nothing in your future but death. And we shall give you exactly that", Shana said.

"Excellion form activate", Shana said and her armor became tougher. Three replicas of her device floated around her. "Excellion form, ready".

"Cannon Three", she said activating her full drive. "Restraining binds ready", Her device said as the mage was binded with restraints on both his arms and legs.

Outside her body they could see she had turned to Excellion form. Illya saw this and bit her lip. She knew that if Shana activated her Excellion form and what seemed like the Cannon three, it would put huge strain on her body.

Shana readied her staff. "Destiny Cannon Advanced. Charging complete. Cartidge Load". She loaded 4 full Vekta Type ammo charges in her staff. This was an attack she would put all her hope and love into, at huge expense of her body.

"Destiny...", Shana said as she took a step back. A giant pink pentagram at her feet shining. Orbs of energy forming infront of her staff's barrel and he device clones. "Cannon!".

She fired the energy beam straight to the Mage. If Kai connected his hit along with hers it would cause major damage. It was unlikely for anyone to endure such full on attacks, let alone an imprint of without the full capability of it's original.

Illya realized at this time Shana's body was shaking. She took her hand.

"Hang in there, you can do it", Illya said to both of them.


Isara looked at Wolf and grinned.

"I think you're fine on your own now. If you are indeed interested on joining our strike force then you should see Commander Carrington. She's in her office. She'll be waiting in case you make up your mind", Isara said and walked out of the infirmary.

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