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Originally Posted by JoesGuy View Post
Here's one I don't think anyone has yet mentioned:

Show spoiler

A problem on my end, or has this happened to anyone else?

Fantastic mod, by the way. There's been so much effort invested in it and it shows. ^_^
Have you tried reinstalling the mod into a fresh override?

Originally Posted by Cabron View Post
This has got to be one of the weirdest post ive ever writen, but I really have some strong feelings about this mod. After playing it for almost 10 hours I have to say its the best adventure mod I have ever played (and Im a Morrowind mod user, and that community has some of the best) the voice acting, new armor designs & dialogue (although a bit heavy handed) rivals some of the profesional stuff out here, its truly a magnificent experience. But Im also a Dungeon Master with more than 20 years of experience and I can honestly say that the technical problems as well as the actual design of the adventure bring the experience crashing down. first of all, the mind numbing fighting the same super foes over and over AND OVER again grew boring by the third flashback, plus the unfairness of some of the fights (now I know how Neo felt) really detracted from a great story. Not only are those fights repetitive and boring (especially for flashback sequences which are supposed to be fairly easy to move the story along) but the are NOT "epic" since you only have to wonder how many time you have to kick their butt, and stare at the action menu for the next medpack or attack combo. After my third reload from one of these "final" fights I was ready to bail from the frustration; all I wanted was to get on with the wonderful story and had to deal with "so you think you have defeated me? crap. Sadly the option seems to have been taken out of my hands; after the fourth "final" fight (with the soldiers and the Sin guy aboard the comand ship) the autosave loads and crashed straight away (turned off the PC forawhile but still isnt working) and since my last save befor that is playing the Sin dude (about 4 10 minute fights before my last save) it appears I spent about 8 hours in a great adventure I shall never finish. I dont know if anyone shares my opinions about the "torture" fights
but its a shame that I had writen so many commentaries I was ready to post only to have the experience go south so markedly on the last part of the story. I guess Ill never finish it so Im left with the frustration of not knowing how the story ended and the relief of not having to kill another "uber" badguy only to have to keep on killing him again and again and again
The design of the boss fights was tailored to how I as a player prefer them, which is with lots of difficulty and challenge. Though as I've already mentioned, some of the boss fights will be tweaked in the forthcoming patch.

Also, paragraphs are your friends.

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