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Originally Posted by noisejs View Post
I'm an original trilogy type person, so I'd prefer they keep to that material.

-starts right before the battle of Fresia (when the Alliance obtained the X-wing prototypes)
Maybe. I'm not sure we need a new take on the events of the trilogy. Though I'd be fine with that, it might also be interesting to pick up where X-Wing Alliance left off, after the Battle of Endor. Either way.

-You don't do things that are not canon, like going on the trench run (but maybe you can be involved in the Battle of Yavin some other way)
If we are going to be re-telling the trilogy, I think I'd want the major elements included, including the trench run and all that. X-Wing explained this by saying it was really Luke you were flying as turing the trench run. As long as they have some explanation for it, it would be OK. Although this might be another reason to do a post-Endor game - you wouldn't have to fudge any of this stuff.

-the 3d cockpit shows your hands, and when you do things you manually flip switches in there.
Could be cool, like Wing Commander. But it would have to not interfere with visibility or gameplay. The cockpits in X-Wing Alliance were terrible, especially the Y-Wing - you couldn't see a dang thing.

-All of the displays except the crosshairs should be built into the ship, as opposed to having a graphical overlay like in XWA.
This would take careful design, but if it could be pulled off, I agree - it would really help the immersion.

-nonlinear story- story would be dependent upon events in the game
Again, similar to Wing Commander. And while it did increase replay value considerably, I feel the overal experience suffered for it. I think this would be too hard, and it's not really needed.

-pilot's lounge where you play sabbacc and build relationships with your fellow pilots. You can buy other pilots drinks and they could buy you drinks after missions.

-you also could interact with your tech crew
Agreed, this is what was really missing from X-Wing - there were no characters. Wing Commander really had you get to know your wingmates. They could die, in later games you could effect their moral, etc.

-at the beginning of the game you can choose a squadron to join. Later you can be reassigned or be granted reassignment for multiple reasons. If you receive high enough rank, you can become a squadron commander and change mission plans before the mission. Basically, there'd be parallel tours of duty.
I don't know that things need to go that far, but working your way up in rank and your place in the squadron being effected could be very good (whether you're giving the orders or taking them).

-if you lose a mission you don't get to redo it. If the ship of injured gets destroyed, the Alliance simply has to bear the consequences.

-game critical objectives wouldn't be failed if you fail to achieve them in a mission. If you can't get the X-Wing prototypes at Fresia, a new mission is planned, or another opportunity comes up a few missions later.

-there'd be a last chance mission on such objectives that could be redone if failed. For example, you fail the battle of Fresia, a mission would be available down the line to intercept the X-Wings on a freighter being taken to Carida for a demonstration. If you fail that, then you get to intercept them on the demonstration right under Vader's nose. If you fail that, you get to redo it.

-you would also be able to redo a mission if a game critical character (Mothma, Ackbar, etc.) gets killed.

-other squadron's mission results would be simmed simultaneously, and the results would affect your story as well

-finite supplies and personnel. Sometimes you have to go on a mission undermanned and under equipped.
I think this is again too complicated and not really needed for a good game. Things like this tend to badly affect the balance of the game, because it can't be completely tested or even predicted by the game designers.
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