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I didnt mean to bash your mod I really liked 90% of it, so stop beign defensive.
A common design rule for D&D (which KOTOR is based on) or any modern videogame (that is not named Ninja Gaiden) is that if it takes more than 5 tries to get through a sequence then its a design flaw because it interferes with the flow of the game and the storylinebut. T
The problems with the boss fights is not that they were "hard" but that they were repetitive and forced you to play them only one way. Mandalore might be was challenging for a melee based character, but his insane force resistance made the battle unbearable for my Consular; since my powers didnt affect him much I just had to whack him and heal ad infinitum.
Kind of the great thing about this game in particular is choice, wheather its using a succesful gun toting jedi build or beign a a-hole to everybody; is that the game allowed the player to decide which way to play. If the fights were just that straight fights like the Mandalore fight (one health bar and NO superheal, and no cronnies) I guess it would be fairer to the player and cleaner (not wondering how many times I have to whack this fool) and if the force protection were lowered for all the combatants the player could actually use their game styles to beat the mod in the way they enjoy playing, not the way the designer (you) WANTS you to play. Its one of the first rules of merchandising; you are NOT your costumer and he decides how he wants things; believe me, after seeing a guy use ketchup on a salmon and caviar pizza from my bar, you get a whole new perspective.
I dont know the mad skillz some players might have but for example my consular does NOT use force wave (again a desgin decision on my part) so the gang up fights are a bit unfair; I have to run to a spot where I only get attacked by 2 or 3 enemies at a time.
I dont know how many different styles you playtested (hell, a guardian with force wave might mop the floor easily with everybody for all I know) and having Sin running arround those fights only makes him more annoying, if the fights were only against cronnies they would be much easier and would help move the story along for the, uh I dont know, eleventh "boss" fight? or if you really must include him everywhere at least maybe adding some variations to each fight would be welcome, maybe Sin is ultra resistant to physical damage in one fight but vulnerable to force powers, or maybe you dont have to kill EVERYBODY before fighting him, or the enemies respawn till you whack him;
all Im saying is some variations might make you think about what are you suppsoed to do this fight to advance instead of "here we go again"
Once again I dont know this forum that much but in the past Ive playtested for some of the best modders for the TES Community, so I might be under the immpresion that my observations are welcome, but I really liked so much of this mod that it would be a shame that I didnt even try to get you to see a perspective other than from a gamer who had the mod fit his style perfectly or only yourself.
BTW I must apologize if my use of you native language is not up to you standards or if its in any way offensive, I get a bit mixed up myself with the ones I have the privilage to know

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