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As Illya noted that Kai's berseker form had vanished and he was once again calm and deep in sleep. She turned to Shana who powered down aswell. She was angry at Shana, she had used her Cannon 3 form which caused great strain to her body. But at least she hadn't gone full power.

Shana opened her eyes. Illya looked at her.

"Are you alright?", Illya asked.

"I guess so", Shana said as she turned to Kai. Kai was still coming around from his sleep. Shana sat up straight and a little blood run down her nose.

"You used your Cannon 3 form. I noticed. Don't ever do that again", Illya said.

"It's nothing. And I can't promise something I might not be able to keep", Shana said, who knew what awaited them. It might be her final trump card.

Illya understood it, but it didn't mean she wasn't a bit angry about it. She turned to Kai and sat beside Shana. Juno also sat beside Illya and looked over at Kai.

"Did you learn anything?", Juno asked.


Commander Carrington sat in her office when Isara reported that Wolf was coming over. She turned her chair to look at the door and opened it just as soon as she saw in the survaillance camera that Wolf was standing just outside it.

"Come in Wolf", Commander Carrington said.

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