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Atrianna watched through the window as the cargo plane took off from the runway.

Never thought I'd be on one of these things again...Don't really like them.

She turned back and observed her solders. This time they were her solders. Woman under her command.

"So...I've noticed that your all low rank...Why is that?"

Baroka snorted. "What do you expect? It's a man's military. No matter how good we are, some people just don't want us there. But we serve nontheless."

Tarja nodded slowly. "People always expect us to be the frail ones...the ones who are the first to run when the bullets start flying...that is a lie. I once saw my commanding officer run while a handful of us stayed behind to drive the enemy back. We deserve the promotions that the men are given."

Setera laughed. "I sometimes wish I had become a Mercenary. At least then we would be afforded respect from the people who hire us at least."

Atrianna nodded. "It is pretty fun work. You get to travel a lot...See brand new people, course most of them are trying to kill you most of the time. And you get to try a bunch of new food."

Majoka nodded. "Perhaps we should think of a career change once we are done with this. Assuming we live through it."

"Don't worry...I fought this threat once before. I'm sure we can fight it again. We'll be fine...we just need to make sure our bodies are fully covered so they can't infect us."

Atrianna looked at the hummer that they had equiped with parachutes in case the plan was shot down over Siberia.

"We've got fifteen hours before we get there. We'll have to find a way to pass the time. Anyone have any war stories?"


"Go ahead, see if I can''t pull the trigger the same moment and take you down with me!"

Shayla grinned.

"You shoot me, I'm pretty sure Uncle Vlad'll take you out before you have a chance to take another breath. While you are here, you are not allowed to set foot in the house, you are not allowed to touch the house, you are not allowed to take any firearms at all. All fire arms are to be holstered at all times."

Shayla moved back and locked the only door into the house and shoved the key down her shirt.

Shayla holstered the 12 gauge and stood next to Vlad.
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