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Sam sighed, he'd been afraid that maybe she would've taken him up on the offer. He knew if he laid a finger on Attrianna's daughter, she'd stop being passive and hunt him until either one of them was dead.
He slung his P90 over his shoulder and stepped into the cabby.
"Driver, take me back to the airport, then return here and wait until my friend is done. There's $300 in it for you." Sam offered, and the driver accepted all too eargerly. Five minutes later they were at the airport and Sam was on a flight to Russia, more than likely were Attrianna was headed.
15000 feet in the air later...
Hello She-merc, nice to see you again, I've been waiting for this for a long time.
Sam pulled out his gun and fired a shot into Attrianna's leg, blowing it off due to the hollow point round in it. He smiled.
You know, you should've killed me when you had the chance, Next its your daughter, then its oyur family what is left of them. I wish you could last to see it, but my luck would tell me you'd break out and kill me before I got back to you, so, I'll have my fun and finish you off, now.
Sam slowly inserted his kabar under her fingernails, until they popped off, and then he slowly carved up her body, until all that remained was her head, he laughed joyfully and-
"Sh**!!" Sam exclaimed as he sat up in the airplane. He'd never even had a nightmare like that before, what brought this on?
Probably something to with the similarity of the old times, maybe the food I ate before dozing off. I mean, Sh** man!
"Passengers, we'll be arriving at Siberia-Trans airport #123 ( Couldn't think of a city), have a nice day!" The woman said over the intercom.
Sam breezed through the airport, he had a get through the security free card, no need to check his bags and what crap. Once out, he high-tailed it to the rental company, he'd need some wheels and fast.

Deep thought #1: In the end, everyone dies. No one can outrun time, death itself is always breathing down your neck, just waiting to slip the noose over you. But, in your time of death, what matters is not when or how or even why. What matters is what you do with it. Do you sit down and call it quits, or do you get up, stare your killer and death itself in the face, and laugh copiously, right until the end.
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