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"You may be certain Master Komad," Jun-la said, "Yet the ancient one that lives here will remain until his charge comes." She began to survey the land as she watched Tonatius and Kalla help the Jedi.

Andros looked at his father and asked "Father, we have found the trail of the Triumvirate. Should we not follow it?"


"He masks himself," Tonatius replied as he went to help Kalla with Alriana. "No doubt his master taught him. It is an old technique perfected four thousand plus years ago." He lifted Alriana with ease and began muttering soothing tones in Avalonian.

Slightly along the water's banks the willow sleeps
In secret though she presently weeps
For that which has gone away
Yet her hope will last for many days

Tonatius sang this gently tune and it was picked up by Jun-la who began singing the reply, My hope soars from the seas
Until my soul is set free
I wait as the day passes in burn
Waiting for the return

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