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Akira and Sergeant Yamamoto had spent most of the time discussing the incident earlier. Not much had been completely clarified, but Yamamoto continued to believe that earlier corruption had caught up with Akira. Akira then decided that they should get something to eat, knowing that a meal usually gets the mind moving faster.

They walked into the cafeteria, and they bothed noticed Shana sitting not too far away.

An expression of relief and joy came to Akira's face, and he ran over to her table.

"SHANA!! You're awake! You're alright!"

He sat down across from her, Yamamoto was not too far away, walking casually over.

Akira's face displayed a grin, "It's so good to see you doing well! I mean, is everything alright? Is it?"

The last thing he wanted was her to be hurt in some way due to his manic episode.

you very much
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