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Kai walked into the cafeteria after deciding that it would be better to him to try and develope a new attack on a full stomach.

The first thing he saw was Shana who was currently sitting down sipping a green tea and sitting across from her was...the traitor. The one who could have hurt Shana.

Kai instantly found his hand moving quickly to his sword, but he managed to restrain himself before he grabbed it completley.

What would Shana think of me if I did attack him? I can't help but think that she would hate me...and I don't want that. What would Hizuni think of me...what will she think of me when she sees me again?

Kai simply walked past him and whispered in his ear so that only he could hear. "If you ever hurt her in any way...I will kill you in a way that you can't possibly imagine. Remember that."

Kai grabbed an energy drink and headed out toward the training field. Lets see if I can get Cannon mode to work on the first day...If I can...I will be ready. And Hizuni will be free.
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