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"How's that for starters?"

Vlad watched the strange alien-like claws contract and retract in Wilson's body.

He took a step closer.

"That's..........a first."

He'd never seen any mutation like this before. The undead only advanced in intellect, strength, and skill, but never completely changed.

And once they were declared dead, they didn't always come back, like this Wilson did.

"You want me to cure this? This will take time, alot of it. I'll be honest on that."

He then watched Shayla and Sam engage in a bit of verbal combat. And he had to admit, Shayla handled Sam pretty well, and it seemed he was a bit riled from it.

She stood next to him, and he gave her a quick nod, a silent 'good jobs.'

"I'd say you gave Sam quite the verbal judo match..."

He chuckled and watched as Sam stepped out the door.

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