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((Your post doesn't make a lot of sense Jedi_man. How can you already be at Siberia when I'm not out of the states yet?)

Atrianna's plane was almost out of the United States when the pilot came came back and interupted the conversation with a nervous glance. "Ma'm. You were asked to be informed of any undead threats. it appears that a...concert of all things is under heavy attack by undead forces one mile from our position."

Aiden...It can't be Aiden can it?

"Prepare to take the plane down one mile from the position of the attack. When I tell you, open the cargo bay doors and prepare to drop the hummer...wait. What else are we carrying?"

"One Tank Ma'm. It was supposed to be delivered to one of the general's contacts in russia."

Atrianna grinned as an idea began to take shape in her mind...a very explosive idea. "I don't think he'd mind if we 'borrowed' the tank for a short while. Majoka, load it with some of the spare explosives and then send it down on a delayed timer. If it's Aiden, I think he'll know who sent him help."

Atrianna grabbed one of the small rocks that littered the cargo bay and wrote a short note and then attached it to the rock.

Aiden. If your reading this, then there will be a very explosve suprise heading for the undead. I'd run like hell if I were you.

Love, Atrianna.

Atrianna threw it out the cargo bay door and watched as it dropped through the air. The plane came around for another pass a few minutes later and then she and her troops pushed the tank out.

That is really gonna hurt if he's around when it goes off.

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