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Wold entered through the door, greeted by Carrington. Its been a long time since he last entered the commanders office.

His gaze fixed on Carrington. "Commander" he greeted. "Its been some time since we last spoke..."

He paced around the office, and stopped; staring at her collection of books on the shelf. He didn't feel like sitting down. "Two years... has it really been that long?" he asked rhetorically. "Two years, since I resigned from my post. And for good reasons too.."

He stared back at her. "The Omega Extraction opperation. It turned out all the survivors we were sent to rescue have been killed by the Mechan Rebels. A simple rescue mission turned into a deadly trap for my team; our ship was destroyed. So then we got in contact with HQ, requesting a retreat; but they denied our request, and my team was left to die on that baron world!"

He fixed his glare at Carrington. "I was the last survivor. I was forced to escape using a stolen Mechan Freighter. The journey back home was very... unpleasant!"

He took a step forward. "After all I endured, what makes you think I'm going to re-enlist myself back into the Federation?"
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