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Originally Posted by sthanson86 View Post
Ok, out of respect for the no doubt overworked Silver, I've poured through all ten pages and the readme at least twice; I have found no one with a similar problem >.<

um ok. in the shadow temple after you fight solomon for the first time and have you get into that conversation with solomon about how she was just a pawn of revan..a test or some such, and fades to the battle of malachor..I think.. anyways it loads fine, but shortly after all I see is some symbol followed by a mandalorian BEGIN to run across, and BAM the game crashes, it's bugging me, suggestions? Im on vista, no mods installed, the installer insisted that it did everything correctly, reinstalled kotor recently before installing mod, I do not know if it's everytime, but I suspect so. also, the terena's robes.. (something like that, a 'T' name) crashes my game if put on, (female PC)..also did not work on matilda,..)

Thanks, and great mod bud.

OH! also, im playing through again on a diff char to see if it works then..
I think it may be more an issue with KOTOR's instability on Vista rather than a bug in the mod, because there's no reason why it should crash at those points, especially with the Telana's robe issue you mentioned. Have you tried reinstalling the mod?

Originally Posted by Darth_Osmers View Post
ive found something quite interesting concerning revans mask that could be put into Bos:Sr, the mandalorians envading of Cathar

this could be a cutscence or somethin like that

warning: major spoilers!
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I don't plan on going back on adding any additional content to BoS:SR. The mod is finished.

Originally Posted by X-Wing Pilot 5 View Post
Well, I've completed both the Brotherhood of Shadow and Solomon's Revenge quest, but now I seem to have lost Carth and Canderous - I can't put them in my party or equip them, nor are they found anywhere on the Ebon Hawk. (Pity, since I thought that Mandalorian Crusader armor would make a nice present for Mr. Ordo.) Why is that?

Also, why can't I modify Revan's Lightsaber? I was hoping to give it a blue crystal (symbolizing my redemption) and modify it with some other crystals, but it seems I can't do that...
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