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"SHANA!! You're awake! You're alright!"

Shana turned over to see Akira coming over to where she was sitting and gave him a small smile when he sat down across from her.

"Everything is fine, nothing really major", Shana said. She noticed Kai come in and say something to Kai that she didn't catch. She was about to ask Kai to si down before he went on his way back to the training field.

"So, what happened that day? The last thing I remember was Kai holding you in restraints, he was about to shoot you when I stopped him", Shana asked hoping to learn what it was that had happened between Kai and Akira.


Commander Carrington got up from her seat and looked at Wolf the entire time.

"I'm not expecting you to believe what I'm about to say. But the whole operation you went through was organized by Admiral Kain of the Ground Forces. It was his specific instruction that none at Division Nine interfered with his operation. Of course, by the time we found out that his unit was leaking intel to the enemy it was already too late. He had been manipulating the Council for his own benefit. It was his wish to create an alliance with the Mechan Rebels only to betray them later and look like a hero in the eyes of the council. But the Mechan Rebels found out and struck down every single one of our unit members that went to that mission", Commander Carrington said, she turned around to the window of her office that overlooked the entire training field and hangar. "You remember a girl in the unit right? She had long brown hair and blue eyes. She was our sponsor's daughter. She died out there with the rest of your unit. Of course we went for Admiral Kain to arrest him but we had been caught by surprise again. His aidee was a combat cyborg of the Mechan Rebels who had infiltrated the ranks. She killed Admiral Kain for his betrayal and then killed herself to avoid capture".

Commander Carrington walked over to where Wolf was and put her hand over his shoulder.

"I screwed up, I should've seen it coming. After all Admiral Kain was never very supportive of Division Nine. He always tried to sabotage us. I only hope that someday you can forgive me for that mistake", Commander Carrington said and turned around. "We called you because you're an excellent soldier, and you're a team player. There have been several reports of artifacts resonating around the multiverse, we need all the capable hands we can get to retrieve them".

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