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"So, what happened that day? The last thing I remember was Kai holding you in restraints, he was about to shoot you when I stopped him."

Akira bit his lip and sighed.

"I.....I don't really know....I guess, I lost control. Something else took over....I'm so sorry...I don't know what happened exactly, but right before I fell unconcious, I think I regained control, just for a moment..."

He bowed his head for a moment, in a quick, silent, reverance.

Akira came back up, "I also wish to thank you, for taking the attack that was meant for me....Kai would've definately have killed me. I do not know how I can repay you for that. So, please, accept my allegiance to you. If you ever need anything done, I mean anything, just let me know."

He bowed his head again, awaiting a response.

you very much
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