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Of all the species in the galaxy he had encountered in his near millennia and a half of living, Hutts were at the top of Mech’s hated list. He viewed them as obese slugs that were always looking for ways to screw their associates over while they profit, and while all of them were not in fact ruthless crime lords and not all crime lords were Hutts, they were the most common he had dealt with and it didn’t make it any less annoying when Doja tried to cheat him… again.

“I ask for the whole and well Jedi and Sith brought to me and you bring me one missing both hands and the other with amnesia. You also destroyed both of their lightsabers.” Doja spout while he ate from a jar of wiggling creatures.

A wicked grin spread across Mech’s face as he crossed his arms and chuckled. “You should choose your next words carefully slug.”

He was alone with Doja in the warehouse courtroom, save for ten guards armed to the teeth and a slave girl. He was unarmed, his weapons taken at the door, and every one of those guards had their weapons trained on Mech. The two force users were tied up and unconscious on the ground in front of Doja. In every way it seemed like an empty threat, yet coming from the Krogan it forced them all to take a step back. It was only Doja who was unfazed.

“You dare come into my court with two broken packages and then call me a slug?!” Doja roared angrily. “Here are my words: I will only pay a quarter of the bounty.”

As soon as those words left his mouth hell broke loose. Terror burst through the ceiling above two guards and caught them completely by surprise, disemboweling one with its tail and severely mauling the other within seconds. Ulim activated both of his energy swords as he decloaked among three guards and decapitated two of them before impaling the third. Mech grabbed a blade hidden in his forearm threw it at a guard. The man hadn’t hit the guard yet before Mech had taken another guards rifle and beat him to death with it. The remaining three guards were dealt with by Ulim and Terror while Mech walked up to Doja and his slave girl.

“You should have chosen your words more carefully.” Mech said as he lifted the weapon and pulled the trigger, only to realize he had broken it beating a guard to death. “Terror, it’s feeding time.”

Terror leapt at the Hutt excitedly and began to tear it to shreds in a very gruesome manner as Doja screamed for mercy. The slave girl screamed for a few moments before Mech grabbed her head and held it up to his face. “Shut up.”

The girl stopped immediately and Mech set her back down as Ulim walked up to them. Ulim looked on as Terror gorged itself on the Hutt and said “Though I don’t object to killing the slug, we probably should have gotten some credits from him first.”

“He never intended to pay us in the first place. Doja was going to have his guards shoot me in the back as soon as I accepted the reduced amount. He should’ve tried sooner, but he likes to play with his food.” Mech stated. Ulim then cut the chains that bound the slave girl to her master. “Still the abolitionist?”

“The Empire tried to break my people like they did the Wookiees, but you cannot break the spirit of a true warrior people.” Ulim replied as he watched the slave girl run away and out of the warehouse. “Doja has family. How do you propose we deal with them if they want revenge?”

“They won’t. They may be family, but they also won’t mind that his business will probably fall on them.” Mech responded turning to Terror, who was almost done consuming the Hutt. “They also won’t want to go after anything that has the stomach to eat a Hutt. The most we can expect is an assassin or two before they decide that vendetta’s are just not good for business.”
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