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Mech looked over the newly arrived Sith. This was not what he had been expecting as a response to Doja’s death, or at least not so quickly. He’d managed to secure his weapons and was actually rigging the place to blow when she had snuck up on them. Terror was out eating the last of the guards and Ulim was standing next to him, his own energy swords now activated.

“We came here to get paid and Doja was trying to get out of paying us for capturing these Sith and Jedi. Hell, he just wanted me dead because he wanted to have the head of the last Krogan.” Mech replied motioning to their unconscious forms. “So, we killed his guards. Terror was hungry and Doja was the largest thing on the menu. I think you can use your imagination for the rest kid. Now we’re going to blow this place to hell because I like to end everything with a bang.”

Terror now crept along the ceiling undetected, his engineered design making only visual detection the option for finding him. Ulim was still ready to fight and Mech just had his hand lightly set on his pistol.

“We have no quarrel with you Sith, though we have dealt with countless amounts of your kind and the Jedi.” Ulim added, though whether it was simply a statement or actually a challenge.
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