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"I believe it," replied the female, while the male stood stone-still in shock.

"My name is Andirrul," announced the Dark Lady of the Sith, "and this is my new Dark Jedi Apprentice, one Lukas Wraight. I am a single woman with two distinct natures: one is my own, that of a former weakling, young Andorra Evenstar of Avalonia. The second is the strong one, Darth Virul, Lord of the Sith. I am both she and he, and whoever is more powerful I'll leave up to you to decide. Let us depart," she said, exiting the building with Lukas and the stranger so as not to attract too much attention--not that corpses would pay it anyway...

Andirrul reveled in the heat from the explosion, bathing her distantly and making her hair feel hot even though she and her two compatriots were kilometers away. Doja must have had quite a complex to rule over and relieve himself in! It was a relief in and of itself to have it gone. No doubt some other crime lord, either within the Exchange or without, would take this quarter over very soon. As for the dark figures themselves, they had other matters to attend to. The Dark Lady showed the stranger her own vessel.

"This is the Phantasm," she announced, one step away from purring with pride. "She is not large, or heavy, or teeming with weapons, but she was not meant to be. As her name suggests, she is a ghost ship, and that is why none of those fool Jedi have been able to pinpoint our position yet. All that the Sith have learned of stealth has been incorporated into this vessel. Aboard it sits the Sith Triumvirate--myself, Lord Tyrannus, and--"

She blinked, forgetting the third member momentarily. She was exhausted. "If, and only if, one of the members were removed besides myself, then you would have one of the very highest places within our ranks. I prefer Lord Tyrannus' very timely death. He has nothing good to say to me or of me, thinking that perpetual insults and not the Force shall spur me to greater victories. If you were to kill him, I would crown you as One Lord of Three. Of course, such an assassination would require exquisite timing--and interest.

"What do you say, stranger? Shall you unlock the door to unlimited power?"

She smiled. "If you try slaying me instead, my speed will conquer your guile."
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