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Xero peeks through the door of his father's lab and listens in to the coversation between his father and his scientist.

"Sir, do you think the exo-suit will be ready for him?"

"I don't know, my son hasn't always been involved in what we do, but this suit should keep him safe from his older brother if ever he breaks out of the institute."

"What makes you think he will?"

"No amount of bars or doors can keep him locked up for too long. Even as a todler, when my wife and I would put him on "time out" in his room he would find a way to escape. DO not waste anymore time, finish the suit...that's an order."

"As you wish sir, what would you have us call it?"

Call it, "Project: Black Wolf."

"Very good sir."

Xero jerks out of his sleep. He wondered what time it was and how long he had been out. It was still night time but he assumed that it was somewhere close to morning. The father made a suit for me? "Project Black Wolf"

Xero jumped up quickly.

"I have to get that suit." he said to himself.

"But how do i contact...of course!"

He began to run back into the city. He had remembered that he had a radio phone in the trunk of his girlfriend's car. He ran as fast as he could. He pasted the building he was thrown into and passed the grocery store.

Within the hour hemade it to the car to the car. It was partially torn apart. he had hoped that the radio phone was still intact and more importantly whether he could get signal. he tried to open the trunk with the lever but it was jammed and out of anger he broke it off.

He went around to the back of the car and wedged his sword and popped the trunk off and retrieved the radio.

"I don't know how i did that but I'm glad i did it." he said.

He turned the dials on the radio but wasnt getting a good signal.

"No...signal...hmm....i need to get to higher ground. I remember seeing a cliff at the coast when we were making port. i'll head over there and try to get signal." he said and began running in the direction that he sought best.

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