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"You want me to cure this? This will take time, alot of it. I'll be honest on that."

"Thank you Vlad, I'm willing to wait and help you however I can."

Wilsom turned his head to see that Sam had left with the taxi driver. Whoever lived here really didn't like him. Frank turned back to see a new face approach him.

"Where'd you study for your doctorate? I was able to get in at the Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota... you?"

Frank was happy to answer this question for once.

"Well I wasn't in the best shape money wise back then so I went to a community college for two years. I had the highest grades in my class and was able to transfer to a college in Europe. I got my degree in both medicine and science there and I lived there for a few more years. I'd rather not continue my biography as it goes very rapidly downhill from there."
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