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Kurt was confused by what the group was doing. They had changed their pitches and were rhyming their words. He wasn't sure if it was some type of jedi speech or what, curious he decided to ask. He walked up to Komad.

"Master Komad, what are Tonatius and Master Jun-la doing? I've never heard such odd vocal patterns before."


Wrath had been quiet for quite some time. He had been giving orders about Andirrul's orders and listening on the progress of the mission. This could get rather boring so he assigned someone to listen in. He followed after Andirrul and her new little jedi pet. He never let Andirrul go alone, even though she was powerful enough to take anyone who attacked her. He would give his life to her if need be. He stayed hidden in the shadows as she talked to what looked like mercs. Wrath knew they were deadly and it was why he liked him. Still they could be a threat so he waited, ready to attack if they made a move.
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