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"Well I wasn't in the best shape money wise back then so I went to a community college for two years. I had the highest grades in my class and was able to transfer to a college in Europe. I got my degree in both medicine and science there and I lived there for a few more years. I'd rather not continue my biography as it goes very rapidly downhill from there."

Smith nodded knowingly. "Ah, yeah, I can see where that would be an issue." He reached into his holster and gripped his .45 for a degree of comfort -a habit that hadn't left him since Chicago- before jerking it away, as if the gun physically burned his hand.

"Vlad," he called. "Somehow I get the feeling that Larson's done something stupid... like try to get to Siberia stupid." He grinned ruefully. "And, somehow I get the impression that we're going to have to bail his ass." He looked at Shayla and this Doctor Wilson. "However, I don't know about bringing along Shayla and Doc Wilson... Hell, I don't even know if we should bail him out....

"Any thoughts of yours would be handy right now."

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