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I should go.
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"Thank you Vlad, I'm willing to wait and help you however I can."

He nodded back, saying, "Well, I'll try my's extremely rare to get a side effect such as...what you have."

"Somehow I get the feeling that Larson's done something try to get to Siberia stupid. And, somehow I get the impression that we're going to have to bail his ass. However, I don't know about bringing along Shayla and Doc Wilson... Hell, I don't even know if we should bail him out....Any thoughts of yours would be handy right now."

"Well, Smith, I think you're right...but Larson might be just fine, he'll just get into a fight he can't handle and his wits will come back to him, and he'll be running back to us for help...doesn't mean we shouldn't help him, we've lost enough to the virus.....I think we should ask Attriana if Shayla could come along, and Wilson is definately coming along, if I'm going to find a cure for the problem...."

He sighed, "Those are my thoughts at the moment, we should also wait for word from Attriana, she never really told us where she was going, or what she was doing."

you very much
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