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"Those are my thoughts at the moment, we should also wait for word from Attriana, she never really told us where she was going, or what she was doing."

Smith grinned. "Remind you of your time in the service? Hurry up and wait!" He sighed a little. "What I'd have given if not only I was awake for Atrianna's leaving, but if she told us something as opposed to running off like she does. And, true, Larson usually comes to his senses as soon as he realizes he's out-numbered."

Smith allowed his smile to broaden. "Do you ever get the feeling that if we were to meet without a crisis that the Universe would collapse? By we, I mean the whole 'group', damn, would be nice to be able to just talk to everybody over a coffee or beer as opposed to fighting for one's life... it kind of looses the appeal after several times."

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